Friday, July 16, 2010

Everyone that knows me knows that I have switched from Canon dslr-s to Nikon dslr-s. The reasons are simple I had a bad canon EOS 1d Mk III and after working with canon customer relations and 4 trip back to repair the canon mkIII , which didn't solve the AI-servo focus problems. I was very upset about the lost of time and the fact that they decided to not replace the bad EOS 1d Mk III camera. Thats when I deceided I should switch to Nikon. Now after shooting the Nikon D300s for the past four months and I'm get very good results with the Nikon D300s I decided to use this blog to post some image that I think could be of interest to others. So here goes.

Driving home from Middlebury Vt on May 28th 2010 I was being followed by a bad storm, as I driving along I noticed brite flashes of light in the rear view mirror. I thought that I should pull over and try to photograph the rapidly approaching storm. Setting up my camera and tripod as quickly as I could and started shooting when I noticed the cars passing by which I thought I could capitalize on and incorporate into the images I was making. The rest is history, here are some of the images from that night. Enjoy!

Using the car light as car-trails during the exposure created a story within a story type image , one of my favorites. I was quite happy with the results, try it some time!

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Peter Manship

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