Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fox and kits Brandon Vt 4-12-11

The phone rang, it was my friend Bill Jalbert. He said I just found a fox den. Do you have your camera with you? he said no, I looked at the clock to get a time reference, 6:25pm. Where are you ? Brandon. I set out for Brandon about 4:30 to try an photograph the Fox .  I located the spot and set up using my car as a blind to photograph the fox if it showed up. As I waited 5 cars stopped to find out what I was look at and still no fox. At 6;30 a Bill showed up, as we were talking he says "there she is" pointing to the road, I got the fox in the camera viewfinder, Bill says " hope the fox doesn't get hit crossing the road"! The fox walked down the slope to a den hole, looked around and nothing happened, then she moved to a second den hole and out poured 5 kits. All began nursing, when full playing was in order while mom kept a watchful eye.
The photos tell what happened over the next 40 minutes or so.
Even though I was about 300 feet from the fox hiding in my car with a camo cover covering the exposed side of the car and through which I was photographing , the fox was very aware of my presence and always kept an eye on my location. I think that the Fox and her kits will end up relocating to a little more private location as they grow up. But if they don't I will try to photograph them as they grow up and show the images here.

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All photographs by Peter Manship

Story and images © Peter A Manship 2011